Scolibrace Treatment Options

Scolibrace brace for scoliosis treatment

ScoliBrace™ is the most advanced bracing system available.

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  • Super Corrective: By positioning the body and spine in their over-corrected or mirror image position, the ScoliBrace can have a super-corrective effect. Curve reductions are achieved in the majority of case, term paper writing as well as improvements to rib humping, shoulder level and the overall appearance of the body. By comparison, the Boston brace is a “stabilizing brace” which is meant to minimize progression versus actual curve correction. Order The scolibrace also helps to retrain the muscles of the spine versus the muscle atrophy commonly associated with the Boston brace.
  • 3D designed for a 3D condition:  Scoliosis is a 3 dimensional condition. Effective treatments need to be 3 dimensional too. ScoliBrace is created from 3D body scans in conjunction with x-rays and posture photos. Each brace is then designed using Computer Aided Design (CAD) software and custom made.
  • Patient Friendly:  ScoliBrace is comfortable to wear and is not highly visible under clothing. It is easy to sleep in and care for and opens in the front versus the back making it easier to put on.

There are two main braces utilized for lateral scoliosis as well as a kyphosis brace.

ScoliNight Brace

  • Best for curves 10-25 degrees.
  • Worn only at night
  • Single lumbar, thoracolumbar, and thoracic


Purchase Scolibrace

  • Best for curves 20-60 degrees
  • All curve
  • Full-time or part-time wear
  • Pills

  • Infantile, juvenile adolescent


  • Scheumermann’s Kyphosis
  • Hyper Kyphosis
  • Thoracolumbar Kyphosis
  • Anterior Sagittal Balance


Adult Bracing:

The Scolibrace can be used in various ways in adults:

  • It can be worn temporary to give patients pain relief during certain activities or situations and worn for support. For example some scoliosis sufferers that develop pain during exercise choose to wear it during exercise or while at the gym.
  • It can be used as an intensive rehabilitation device to try and strengthen the posture and muscles allowing the body to maintain a corrected posture giving medium to long term relief.
  • It can be worn on an ongoing basis for the most severe cases where there is spinal collapse as the brace offers a reduction in pain and support.

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